​Team Natasha Justin
​Television Writing Team

Natasha Persad and Justin Scott are an innovative imaginative business savvy Writing – Producing Team focused on supporting production companies, television networks, and content developers. A proven track record from a combination of over 20 years of transferable executive experiences, knowledge, expertise, and years of perfecting their craft with several Fortune 500 companies including two of the largest entertainment companies.  We are professional, energetic, and extremely passionate about the entertainment industry and each other.

Natasha and Justin met at a NYU Alumni event. While chatting it was obvious they were total opposites from background to religion. Even with those differences, they learned they both were life-long television fanatics who dreamed of being successful Writers and Producers in their beloved entertainment industry.  Today, they are a Writing-Producing Team combining their knowledge, expertise, and experience in creative, production, financial, development, operations, strategic, and innovative perspective to go after their dream.

Natasha Persad

Justin Scott

Natasha attended St. John’s for her BA in Finance and NYU Stern for her MBA in Finance. Through hard work, perseverance, persuasiveness, and with no connections, she attained a career of over 15-years in Corporate Affairs, Finance, Development, Operations, Internal and External Communications domestically and globally in executive positions at Goldman Sachs, Li & Fung, Marriott, British Airways, and as an entrepreneur in her own multi-media company. 
Justin is a graduate of NYU’s undergrad and MBA in business with over 10 years of entertainment business experience from working at The William Morris Agency, one of the largest talent agencies where he learned the ins and outs of the industry to management roles at Warner Bros.  in their advertising, sales, and production departments. Recently, he negotiated and signed a first look deal with an established production company focused on writing, developing, producing content for scripted and non-scripted.